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Thread: Buying gems..

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    Question Buying gems..

    For some reason I have about 220 gems missing. Then I went to purchase more and it is not letting me. I push on the pack I want and nothing is coming up. I tried restarting phone but that didnít work. I love this game and have spent a bit of money on it because I enjoy it but this issue is getting a bit frustrating.. please help. Thank you and god bless..

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    As per the missing gems, you'll need to contact support. It takes a while for them to respond, but, from what I've seen, they usually try to make the user happy.

    For the other issue, make sure you have a really good connection, stand close to your router and reconnect to your wifi. Also, make sure you don't have in-app-purchases disabled on your phone/google account. Other than that, maybe someone else knows more.

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    I've found if you use the "Contact Us" button from the cogwheel on the world map you get a pretty quick response from support. They were able to help me with my issue after the last Toy Event in less than a week.

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