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    Every time I try to purchase dragon gems I get and error message that I canít. Anyone else having this issue or may have resolved it. I am beyond frustrated.

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    Last time that happened to me it was because there had been an update that changed the cost/number of gems/bonuses, so I needed to update the game before I could purchase. Not sure if that's the same issue for you, but worth a try.

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    Maybe if a user actually mentioned which error they got.... maybe it is something simple that can be explained in a second...

    Tech support people always have to deal with these sort of things
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    I don't work for Gram Games, just a player just like you.

    Please do look for information about the gameplay first on the Merge Dragons Wiki, many questions are answered there, in order for you to get faster response(and others not waste time pointing it out). Those who are not willing to look anything up, don't get very empathic responses from my end.

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