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Thread: Stuck on Maywood 9

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    Post Stuck on Maywood 9

    I need help getting Maywood 9 started.

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    - Merge the 5 Dragon Portals
    - Tap the Prism Flowers to heal some of the bones
    - Merge the Prism Flowers and you can tap them again
    - Scatter bones and use them to create Life Flowers
    - Merge then harvest the Life Flowers for Life Orbs until you have a level 3
    - Use the level 3 Life Orb to unlock the clouds to the right
    - Heal the Lil' Autumn Sprout in the middle
    - Merge the sprout with the other 2 on dead land
    - Activate the Heal Extender
    - Merge the now unlocked coin with the other 2 on dead land
    - Active the Heal Extender
    - Heal the Ruby Plains Grass and use it to unlock the clouds on the left
    - Merge the Leaf of a Fruit Tree with the other 2 on dead land
    - Activate the Heal Extender
    - Heal the lone Autumn Sapling and merge it with the others off dead land
    - Heal the coins on the left and merge them with the one on the dead land to the right
    - Heal 2 of the Gaia statues
    - Merge/Open/Collect any of the chests/coins on the board
    - Merge the Gaia Statues to finish the level
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