Sorry, but I just can't anymore with this game.
Just before the Pet Event, it crashed and claimed the backup file was corrupted, and the only option I had was to uninstall and reinstall and start from scratch. As of today, it has crashed 3 times in less than 4 weeks, and even tho I had already tested to make sure my saved copy was working okay, I cannot do anything but start over.

I played for about 8 months with no real issues, without putting any IRL cash into the game. But once the Zen Temple chain was added, I got impatient and paid a couple hundred for Dragon Gems to upgrade the Temple. After that is when I started having crashes, and restarting from my backup (either local or cloud) would set me back by a day or two.
Before I lost everything, my camp had about 18,000 Dragon Power, plus multiples of most of the Wonders; and I was at Level 10 Dragon Trees, Level 6 Glowing Dragon Trees, Level 16 Life Flower Trees, and Level 5 Midas Trees. In the World Map I had started the Fjord levels, but I was wasn't in a rush to complete the map -- especially if I found a level that was good for farming coins or stones.

All my progress wiped out twice, plus the dragons and souvenirs from the events gone. I tried twice to just start over, but... no. It was fun while it lasted. I'm out.

Here are my take-aways, both of which involve maintaining a good store of Dragon Gems:
1) It's about the dragons, not so much about the eggs. Go for the nests, or otherwise groups of eggs, and when possible bring back whelps or kids from the levels.
2) Those dimensional jars are very very helpful when going for high-level chain objects. Sometimes that will be your 5th item, and you can level up right away.

I'm going back to Candy Crush until I find another game to be addicted to.