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Thread: Pet event missing dragons

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    Default Pet event missing dragons

    I am half way through the pet event. Built up a team of 3 dragons. In the last 30 minutes two of my dragons have disappeared. I shut the app down and restarted, rebooted, restored purchases and in all cases I now only have one dragon which means I cannot farm enough to complete the level.

    Anyone else with this bug?

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    all I have are 2 dragons for this event, I have 2 extra eggs that I can't use, I did complete all but the last 2 cloud areas,
    but I also have the whole points of 11230/11230, I got all the rewards at just 1 day 15 hours left of the event

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    I don't know anything about the bug, but if for the next event you want more dragons, take a look at previous event guides on

    They describe the easiest way to get more dragons to help you clear the map. Good luck next time!

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