Yeah. I love dragons. I hate fairy tales where dragons are the bad guys and are to be killed.

I'm a new player and I registered, because I have an annoying issue with auto-merging dragons. Not sure if I am allowed to post the question here.

To stay on topic: Mann, my camp is a mess. really. I surely don't want to show it to you. Or maybe I should show it just to make others aware that an unstructured camp is bad for the boss. Which is me. Grendel.

Let me summarize my camp a bit:
- Until now I completed some projects. Yes, I called merge chains projects already before reading more about the game on this forum.
- I think I have one level 8 dragon and quite some level 7s.
- I also have dragon families with only one dragon.
- I am sure I have no eggs and/or dragons of other families.
- Needless to say I have still covered land left in the camp.
- Like I said before: My camp is a mess... Most important reason: I am an impatience guy. I got bored while working on only one project at the same time. Therefore, I work on 9 projects at in parallel. It were 10, though. I was also working on this dragon tree project. I never had any space left in my camp. So I removed most of my dragon trees. It really did not help, but stopping with more projects is not really an option for me. Boredom would let me stop playing the game. And that would be terrible, wouldn't it be? Like I said before. I love dragons.

What I love:
- I love shortcuts. Example: You can harvest those red mushrooms from golden mushrooms, which significantly speed up the second mushroom project. Sorry to describe it as I did. Don't have a clue yet what the reward will be, which wonder awaits at the end of this project. It would be nice to hear from others what shortcuts they discovered.