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Thread: Highend Camp from an longtime-player

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    Default Highend Camp from an longtime-player

    This is my pretty completed camp.
    Sadly there is no more land to discover.
    My dragonpower is exceeding the 300k. I wish there would be an land for those high amounts.
    At the moment 140kdp is the last area =/


    At the moment im missing the two mushroom wonders.
    So im at 12/14 wonders.

    Hope you like it

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    Oh that is gorgeous! how did you manage it without a bigger gem count? did you farm all that by hand?

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    I once farmed zomblin-falls 1 over and over again when the chalice respawn was 15 minutes. So i managed to get an massive amount of purple stars. Even since the chalice nerf i farm the level around 14 times a day.
    I managed to get over 15000 gems just from the star farming. Im playing since the very first beginning of the game

    At the moment the only goal for me is to get the last 2 wonders. Then im done except for the dragons on lv 10

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    Lucky bum!!! I was working on my data for almost two years, and then POOF! Gone! Have to start all over.X( Never was able to get trees THAT big though!!! And yes, that is a gorgeous camp bro.

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    Ive never had the problem with loosing my game. My cloud save always work.
    I got an picture of my whole camp if u want to enjoy.

    I really want to get the last 2 mushroom wonders, but i dont want to play at the moment. Ill wait for the next event and maybe then i finish the last mission. 53 of 500 melons from the tree.

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    I only have 2 questions.
    #1: How long did you spend grinding for the Rainbow!?
    #2: How haven't you completed all 3 quest chains by now?

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    Sorry for the long time.
    To #1 i one had many trees + beanstalk. They produced many flowers on lv 6/7. I ran the game around the clock on my iPad and merged if there was no space anymore. Was a pretty quick way, but i cant answer when i started this.

    To #2 the last chain is to tap 500 times the melon tree. Im just to lazy to complete xD

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    I’m pretty upset today. I finally got to 35000 dragon power after almost a year and now I have to get to 140000 to complete the game. I have one level 10 dragon and all the wonders except the rainbow. I can’t see myself playing for another year How can I possibly get to 140000 dragon power

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