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Thread: Unable to purchase items

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    Question Unable to purchase items

    My stones are full but I'm unable to purchase anything. When I tap on an item nothing happens. I'm not sure what's wrong. Please help.

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    1) what do you try to purchase
    2) what is the purchase price
    3) how much stone do you have
    4) what have you tried yourself? rebooted? cleared cache? anything?
    I don't work for Gram Games, just a player just like you.

    Please do look for information about the gameplay first on the Merge Dragons Wiki, often the simplest questions can be answered there, in order not to waste anyones time and for you to get faster responses. I tend to come accross not so friendly towards people who have not taken any effort to spend 5 seconds time on the wiki or to browse the forum for issues or questions that have been handled before.

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