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Thread: Love the game. Needs UI updates.

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    Default Love the game. Needs UI updates.

    I started making a mental list of all of the problems I see with the user interface. These additions need to be added, and modified.

    1: The most annoying part of the game is when you're attempting to purchase say, 30 golden chests. When you tap the area to purchase the chest, the game senses that you've tapped underneith the area, before testing the above UI overlay. This means that if you happened to tap in an area that has an item, you've tapped that item, and not the purchase of the chest. Further, when you do manage to buy a chest, the screen jumps to where the chest is (why?) which causes the underlying stuff on the ground to shift, so you tap again to buy a chest, in the same spot - Bam, you tapped the item and didn't buy a chest. So, you play this game where you jimmy the screen around until you are lucky enough to buy a chest, now do that 30 times, then another 30 times of that, to hopefully get the stonehenge wonder.

    2: Selling/trashing stuff. All the time I click an item I need to sell or trash, then I click the sell button. Yet that description ribbon first tests the ground (like above) meaning if I tap just off the button, I've tapped an item, and then tap the delete button again, and bam, I just sold something I didn't want to sell.

    3: Auto selling of Dragon Chests. They're annoying. Make a checkbox to auto sell any harvested dragon chests and vaults.

    4: Auto sell Dimensional whatever they are. Also annoying. No I don't want to spend my dragon gems on them. Auto sell via a checkbox.

    5: Nag window for buying ANYTHING - You have no idea how many times I've accidentally bought something I didn't want to. Nag screen checkbox.

    6: Do not harvest, Do not spawn items locked ground squares. I am tired of dragons harvesting crap I don't want them to, only to dump it in a random spot meaning I get to clean it up. If I could toggle land where the dragons do not harvest, and/or say, bushes don't randomly crap out fungus all over the place, I wouldn't have to delete stuff I'd like around for aesthetics all the time.

    7: Egg backpack. For the love of god, I have eggs everywhere. Tier 2 eggs, and random 'rare' eggs that I don't have access to get, yet I have two of them just taking up space. Allow players to put them into a backpack and merge them like you do with dragons.

    8: Always merge 5, with nag screen toggle checkbox. I am tired of going to merge 5 of an item only to have my fat finger make the game think I moved this item one square over and yay, I merged 3, 4, or 6 of an item. Neat. Make a nag screen toggle where it says 'You are about to merge a number != 5, do you want to do this? Yes/No

    9: Also, I'd like to see a special map every weekend, or every other weekend, not just holidays. Heck recycle them, with the same rewards - I'm sure some of us would like another bunny dragon. Then on 'special' holidays maybe make some kind of special level with a new trick or limitation like 'You can only merge 3 of an item' but place items in certain areas so that you have to think about how to progress in the level.

    So, some of this was sarcastic, but I do like the game! Some of the way things work though, could use polish.


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    #1 - You seem to have more problems with the purchasing UI than I do, however, the screen jumping around while you buy stuff *is* annoying. But, a way around that is to turn on the screen lock (bottom right button) before going into the purchase menu, this way the screen doesn't move around while you're buying things.

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    I had already compiled a list, but will add your suggestion to them during the daytime.

    For autoselling, I have a good suggestion. A new separate island(similar to premium land), with tiles patterned with a $ logo. Any item dragged on it gets a 1 minute countdown timer after which it gets sold automatically. You have 1 mintute time to undo your drag. This allow you to work quick and easy to sell off stuff, but not to have issues with people who sold stuff by accident.
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