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Thread: Cannot win levels even though I won!

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    Angry Cannot win levels even though I won!

    Maybe this is a new bug or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I beat levels but cannot win.
    When I beat a quest, a star no longer fills up and the progress always shows 0/5 , 0/3 whatever the goal is.
    When I win, by merging restored Gaia statues, nothing happens. I cannot beat any levels. What's going on?

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    So much lacking information, I will make an assumption you play on iOS? Just a "random" guess.
    General Message displayed under all my replies. This may or may not be related to your post or my reply.

    I don't work for Gram Games, just a player just like you.

    Please do look for information about the gameplay first on the Merge Dragons Wiki, many questions are answered there, in order for you to get faster response(and others not waste time pointing it out). Those who are not willing to look anything up, don't get very empathic responses from my end.

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