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    I cannot seem to connect to the internet any longer. My daily gems are not available, and when I try to purchase the special Easter Bundle, I get an error saying, "Billing has not yet been initialized. Try your purchase again soon. Maybe restart the app." I have tried exiting out, then restarting my phone a few times.

    Any immediate assisstance will be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks!

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    No help? Okay then. Luckily I am going to get the level 4 bunny dragon without paying a dime! Thanks for giving me 6.99 or whatever it cost!

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    You contacted Gram Games? The forum is not for getting actual game support except from other players.
    If you don't contact them the right way and are too lazy to look up how to do so, you don't deserve compensation.

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    I did, but they never responded either. Doesn't matter anyway, I recieved a level 4 bunny dragon.

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    I cannot connect to Facebook to cloud save.

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