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Thread: Loss of home base progress after syncing to cloud

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    Default Loss of home base progress after syncing to cloud

    I saw someone post this same issue where they lose their base progress but keep the same level progression on PC. My problem is on Android, I thought syncing with Facebook would keep my game safe, not wreck it... I have put so much time and effort into my base. Can anyone please help??

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    Default Game Progress

    I also thought if you save to facebook with the cloud that you can play accross devices. I usually use my android phone. I loaded the game on my android tablet and it seems like it wants me to start over. I really hope someone can help us both...I love this game and can't use my phone as it broke. I also have a pc if it is possible to play it on there. I also have played for a few months and do not want to loose all of my progress. I also really don't want to miss the Easter event.

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    Feel free to ask for help, but I should warn you this isn't a support page, you might get tips from other users but if you need dev help you need to write to the support email.

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