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    Default Challenge 9!! Tips

    This was going to be a plea for help after 15 tries at challenge 9. With a bit of help from here and yourube I just got it, finally! But while itís still fresh in my head I wanted to tell you how I did it in case it helps.

    STEP 1 Most important! Did you see the 5th portal? Zoom out. Itís in the top right floating. You need that. Merge the 5 portals first to get 2 dragons.

    STEP 2- Scatter both bone piles and merge them (as many as you can without spending time lining them up. You have no time! Then merge clover things as many as you can at once. This should get you 2 life flowers.

    STEP 3- HARVEST!! Harvest the 2 flowers as fast as you can. As soon as a dragon gets a life thing hit the flower again. When you get (about) 5 single life things merge them to hopefully get 2 bigger yellow life orbs. Keep going until you get another 5 ect. Until you have (about) 5 of the bigger yellow ones. Merge those (you need the space). Try not to click any. You need to merge them plus if you heal things it will just distract you and the dragons. Ignore your combo bonus orbs. Once you have THREE purple merge them! You will now have a blue. Hit it plus any spares you got along the way and any combo bonuses. This will be enough to heal all your land. Stop thinking about healing.

    STEP 4- merge your last 3 eggs. merge your statues! I found that 3 at a time is easiest. You donít have time or space to line up more. And merge your 3 trees. Then FORGET ABOUT THEM. And forget about your dragons for now. They will take care of the zomblins and caves for you while you finish.

    STEP 5- Start tossing life flowers onto the floating squares to get them away from each other and gather whatís in the squares. Now merge your chests (do not worry about merging them all at once! It takes too long to set them up) just aim for 3. Then open all your chests. DO NOT merge coins. It wastes seconds that you need. Just tap all the coins and extra orbs you get to get them out of the way. Merge your stones. They will be taking up tons of room by now. Just merge once then tap them to collect. Donít waste time.

    STEP 5 (LAST STEP!)- Start scattering your bones. Scatter until you start running out of room then merge! You should have a huge amount to merge once or twice. Make sure your life flowers are not too close, Then merge the sprouts! You should have lots of flowers now. (DO NOT COUNT). This is when you start to panic. Start dropping dragons on the dead bushes and leftover single bones frantically (you need each bone, donít marge unless you have a handful) and merge every THREE sprouts (more if you have them lined up but DO NOT take time to line up 5). MAKE SURE NOT TO MERGE YOUR FLOWERS. Keep them spaced. Donít follow the chart people are giving you. The time it will take to follow that will be all the time you have. Just drop and merge as fast as you can to get the last few you can in those last seconds.

    Thatís it. You probably wonít win in your first or even second or third try but you will get a few more each time as you become more familiar with the process then hopefully around your fourth time you will win! Remember not to count. Just keep going. I hope this is helpful! I hated this challenge so I wanted to help out anyone who had as much trouble as I did.

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    These tips are great, but I still couldn't pass the level. Now they've increased the time for the first star and I was finally able to pass it.

    Thanks for your help!

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