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Thread: Camp Question/Suggestion

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    Default Camp Question/Suggestion

    Let me start of by saying I am totally addicted to this game and love it.

    My question/suggestion regarding the camp is, if future, will the camp size increase?

    Currently there is 540 spots to be opened excluding the 2 premium land options. Will the 540 spots be increased in future?

    I hope it does, it will just ensure continued game play. As well as if there is regular new dragons and objects to be included as well.

    Thank you for the awesome game

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    Personally I wouldn't mind, as I have now 200k Dragon Power and you only need 140k to unlock entire camp. I admit, I cheated!
    Will add it to the list of suggestions, but many still have a very long time to go to unlock the entire camp.

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    I'd love it if it was a new tileset with land made out of fluffy pastel cloud Just add a strip of it round the back, on the opposite side of the premium terrain.

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