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Thread: Dragon chest merging

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    Question Dragon chest merging

    Why is it that I could merge some Dragon chests and not others? If it doesn’t have the black line around the space I’m guessing it can be merged, except that many of the very small dragon chests won’t merge. Also I’ve been seeing posts about selling some of the dragon chest? Should I be selling them? I have one of the bonus pieces of land completely full with dragon chests, a few that have been merged by accident, but most are just ones that I’ve gotten from bushes etc.
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    The small dragon Chests are different ones, but visually they are identical. It depends on the source where you harvested them from. You can merge 3 dragon chests coming from Living Stones, but not 2 Dragon Chests from Living Stones and 1 your harvest from Bushes.

    If you don't intend to spend gems on them, yes, sell them. The Dragon chests containing Super Nests are worth the gems, but they are are also rare. Normal Dragon Chests and Vaults are not rare at all and can be regained easily.

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    Oh. That’s actually what I need to know. I didn’t realize that where you harvested them from is what regulated if they can be merged or not.. Thank you!

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    You can find lots of good info and tips&tricks on the wiki
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