I absolutely love this game and am writing to beg for more new levels. I think that the way the game has been designed (ie: item merge level ups, the non-challenge levels, dragon resting time and time based rewards) is amazingly sublime. It took a little while for me to get over myself (where I want it NOW!) but I realized that this game's magic is in its longevity, due mostly to the 'camp' level. In the last two months I have played this game daily, multiple times, in order to advance the levels, my stuff, merge my dragons (lol) and every day i have dealt with the game crashing during loading, my dragons sometimes disappearing, etc etc but the game is so much fun that it doesnt really bother me even when a level bunks out and eats 7 of my chalices! hahaha! just be patient...now im replaying levels to get the shadow dragon eggs and such and really want you developer guys n gals to know how awesome of a game you have made and PLEASE do not be like other free games that say new levels are coming and never do. (Juice cubes been waiting 3 years for new levels!!!)