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    I'm sure this has been discussed again and again but I'm very frustrated. I assume that many of you can relate. Chalices are a tedious thing to build up. I'm reaching a point where almost every level is a 7 chalice level. I loop my 1 chalice levels during the day and then let them build up while I'm asleep so I can do my 7 chalice in the morning.

    This morning my grip slipped on my phone and I triggered the back button. No prompt, no warning, it just booted me back to the map. Upon trying to re-enter it wanted 7 more chalices. I know this happens, I've triggered this on accident before, but not to this degree. In my sleepy, pre-coffee state I was so angry. I can cope with the chalice nonsense as is. It sucks, it's not perfect. But I have enough to do in camp that it's not too awful. It's just, frustrating. I ended up just wasting my day waiting for them to build up so I could return to a "in-progress" level. I shouldn't have to pay to get back into a level I already dumped 7 chalices into. I shouldn't be booted with the press of a button, especially for an accident. Both of these together are infuriating. This was the final straw for me because I've got a good system down and now my day of chalices is gobbled up by a greedy level. 14 chalices where it should've taken only 7.

    If I back out without going through the menu and hitting reset, I pay. If I mess it up, I will have to come back by paying chalices to then reset the level. If it's not a 7 chalice level it's then even more chalices to resume than it was to start. It doesn't help that the chalice cool down is ridiculous. It's even more insulting on a 1 chalice level where I mess up and then don't reset the level properly. No prompt, no double checking, just quick boot and you're gone. I will deal with the levels not being re-enterable and the chalice costs. It's not great but if this system is going to be in place, make sure that players are aware of the ramifications of leaving the levels. And please don't taunt me with the in-progress text. It's such a misnomer because it sounds like I should be able to re-enter.

    And I'm sure this has been talked about over and over. I just needed to vent. I could've finally gotten the nest from the level I've been grinding. I want to progress through the levels, I do find them enjoyable. There's a huge wall between me and the levels that prevent me from getting to enjoy more than one in a day. If someone wants to grind out and cheese the game, let them. It's a single player game and if that's how someone wants to spend their time on the app, so be it. I shouldn't be punished because people want to sit and grind a single level for the rest of their play experience.
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    Very well said. An option to reset the level from the map view would go a ways to reduce this sort of frustration, and in general, levels should not be so expensive to play for the first time, I think they should not cost over 4 chailces except maybe for a few bonus levels.

    That is assuming chalice refill is never getting sped up because just going to 30 mins per chalice would also make the game more playable again.

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    I agree with you on chalice costs, however, since your chalices are saved locally, there is an easy way to protect them from mistakes:

    Anytime you are about to enter a level, connect to the cloud, upload your save, then disconnect from the cloud. Then, attempt the level. If you mess up, instead of having wasted your chalices, you can reconnect to the cloud, *download* your save, and disconnect again. You will have your chalices back. This method will also give you unlimited attempts at challenge levels.

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