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    I have tried and tried to do this level. I've watched videos. I've tried to find walkthroughs. In the videos, the watering holes at the end merge together. In mine, they won't merge. I feel like I'll have to make a whole NEW one in order to get even one side done. There's absolutely no time for me to do that. Anyone got any advice?

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    Kisstandfield: I'm having trouble with this one to. I can get all the way to the top, but once I get to the lake making part of it up there I don't have enough time left to get the rest out of the way. Hate to admit it, but my biggest problem is my memory. You have to wait between times that the chalice is full enough and so by that time I've forgotten how I got that far before. LOL Getting old is not for chickens!

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    You do need to create a third watering hole, but you do that as you're clearing the first two areas.

    I could not get the three watering holes to combine until I removed all the stuff in front of the watering holes, except for the statues. You'll see in this YouTube video where the person tries to combine the three at the end
    They don't combine until the final space in front of the watering holes is freed.

    Hope this helps.

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