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Thread: A scattering of thoughts/nitpicks/suggestions

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    Default A scattering of thoughts/nitpicks/suggestions

    To preface, I'll say I've been playing since some time last year (can't quite remember when), but I've done all the events and gotten up to second-tier dragons (so things like the Sentinel and Golden dragons) and have finished all the puzzles. Additionally, I've bought Gems before, so this isn't going to be a tirade against the concept of microtransactions.

    First, the awesome things -- I love what you guys have done with acquiring eggs and other resources lately. Kala gives a slow trickle each day, and only once has she asked for something that took me any time to create. Additionally, the Daily Chests are a nice surprise; sometimes I get some really cool stuff, and hey, sometimes you get Super Eggs, which I love. It's fun to watch them spew out a bunch of whelps. The Challenge levels are a lot of fun as well, and they get you even Event dragons sometimes, which is awesome. I also like that Ruby Fire eggs are easy to get from Dragon Trees, and that means I get a grab bag of 2-4 dragons or so each day from spam-harvesting the trees.

    The bad parts of game can be boiled down to one thing for me: you guys are really adamant about begging for money, and you use some awfully annoying tactics. You may be courting whales well (players with lots of money to spend), but I think it's a major turn-off. Like I said, I've bought Gems before, and I believe the devs deserve money for their great game, but wow tone it down a bit.

    First and foremost, the sheer number of dragon egg chests gotten from harvesting is an awful lot of Gems spent.. The 9 gem egg chests are never worth it; who's going to pay 27 gems for a single dragon whelp? And those are the cheap ones. Midas Duck egg chests are 12 gems, if I recall, which is simply silly -- you can get an even rarer event egg for 10 gems. Now that Kala exists and adds eggs to the system without requiring egg chests, there is no reason to have these expensive low-reward chests in the game. It's just an attempt to drain people's Gems.

    The amount of Gems you get in game from "normal" means (the fallen stars) are trivial. You will never open many egg chests or buy much of anything special without paying real money. I get it, you're using a scant amount of Gems as a gateway to get people to say "well but I almost have enough money to buy that," which seems kind of skeevy to me. The best games get you to pay because you want to support the devs, not because you got lured in.

    But it's not just the chests. Most things in game are shoving Gem spending in your face:

    - At the end of every level, most of the rewards (and anything worth having really) are Gem-locked.
    - Events give you two mystery eggs but force you to pay Gems for a chest to get the third to get that precious third dragon to harvest.
    - Chalices are extremely limited. There are some stages that will spend all your maximum Chalice numbers at once! What's the deal with that? Chalices also refill extremely slowly, adding yet more incentive to spend cash.
    - At the end of events, there are TWO screens begging you to spend gems to get extra prices. I say begging because they have a message that pops up if you say no that says "but are you sure, this is a limited time offer!" That's a pretty skeevy sales tactic -- "buy now or you never get this again!" In truth, it's not that hard to get one of the event dragons in the future. You get nests from past dragons in future events. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Skeleton nest in the Christmas event because it meant I wouldn't have to spend Gems.
    - Kala has three items for Gem sale each day. Why? I don't even know. This seems like yet another Gem drain in a game where it's really expensive to get many Gems. If you want Kala to sell things for Gems, at least sell things that matter. The Super Egg fragments were a great idea.
    - You have Camp quests that require Gems to skip and Gems to complete. So I can spend 30 gems to skip an "open egg chests" quest for a star, but opening all the chests is about 45 gems. You're basically saying "pay us real money to get a star." Just skip to that if this is the route you want to go.
    - Dimensional jars are silly. To get anything good, you have to spend 3 digits of Gems. If it's cheap, I don't need it. If it's expensive, I can't buy it. 50 extra coins are great and all, but it's still yet another attempt to get our money.

    Gem costs in general also feel unbalanced to me. So it's as many gems to clone a mid-level Dragon Tree (which I can farm in 20 minutes) as it is to open a Tier 3 egg chest? One Midas Duck egg is 12 gems but a crap low-tier egg like a Toadstool Dragon is 9? 9 gems is more than some of the dimensional domes and level rewards! How is this possibly even useful?

    Nitpicks unrelated to Gems, and suggestions:

    - At the end of events, you should auto-spend people's event resources. I had two big bouquets at the end of the Valentine's event and barely missed spending them because of a work thing, and thus didn't get much of any rewards. These should be tallied anyway when the code is processing how many event resources people have. If it's on the field, it should count. This is not hard.

    - Why are all the event dragons Trophies? Trophies have no real benefit IIRC. They're not workers or builders or such. I'd like if they had actual perks.

    - Please just give us Harvesters during events. You've given us the one dragon with *no* perks, since crimson dragons are always the Event harvesting dragon. It's a slog. Just give us grass dragons if you want a basic Harvester whelp and be done with it.

    - You've put so much effort into making cool new Event dragons...why are the upgraded dragons just palette swaps of their predecessors? I was very underwhelmed when I made my first upgrade eggs, because when I hatched them, they were just...identical but with a new color. That's a little boring for something that took so much time to get.

    - The Sensei Dragons look really weird in art style. Did you get another artist to do that work? It seems lower quality than every other dragon, and it has a weird angular look to it and less shading.

    - Dragon AI does a lot of stuff I'd rather it not. I'd like the ability to set an item type to "harvest this" so I don't have to micromanage. Otherwise, they randomly go do useless things. I'm guessing this is considered a feature, and I might be in the drastic minority here, but I'd like for my dragons to do things well even when I'm not paying attention. This would also help with Events, because near the end you could just say "only harvest the highest tier of heart orb tree" and then you could actually do the event instead of finding a million single hearts because you had the general desire to merge up flowers and had one single pink flower off in a corner somewhere.

    - Found a bug: if you move an item right as it's merging, you can glitch the item into being "locked" into place -- it looks like it's on the field but isn't selectable, and nothing can sit in its space. It takes up space uselessly there and gets stuck.

    - I think Challenge 15 (if that's the one with the big totem in the middle of the board) is impossible. I don't think you can actually heal the Totem in that amount of time and with no stars falling on the board.

    - Some events are a little irritating because they break the game's own rules, such as Dragon Trees not letting you harvest leaves on certain levels so that you're forced to optimize your merging at the start of the level. Cheap shot. They normally drop leaves, so let them drop leaves. I waited over an hour once to get leaves from those trees, just letting my dragons harvest only them. Nothing but wood. Those were advanced trees too, the ones that normally drop leaves. Not cool.

    - I know you'll wince, but let us sell things for Gems. Maybe have, I don't know, Gem Fragments that you get from selling locked chests, because I am in no way ever going to spend Gems opening an easily acquired egg chest. Even if it's 100:1 fragments to gems, it will be *some* way to get Gems in a predictable way.

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    uhh.... if you actually watch progress bars, all of the Event dragons get everything done 2X faster than no-perk dragons like Crimson. they also have 3X the dragon power than no-perk dragons at the same rank (moon dragon 45, Crimson dragon 15)

    i will not say ANYTHING about Dragon AI, i agree 100% with you.
    i'd love for Kala to have a Gem Converting second trade that gives you maybe 5 gems or a physical gem you put on the board for you to merge, for high level items like Dino Rocks, RotST, etc

    Its ya boi who fell asleep during the moon event, forgot it, and is now obbessed with every event. Send help

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