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    What are you doing.
    Stop giving me these expensive trades.
    Kala Stahp.

    inb4 i run out of resources by 2019 with these Kala deals

    I measured optimal gem usage for getting enough gems for 2 of these (WITH perfect luck) is a 4% chance of 125 (5 level 1 springs) X 4 (to get 8 level 2 springs) x 2 (you can only get a max of 1 Secret lifespring at 20%)
    Result: 2 level 4 springs, 1000 gems to get that far, and only a 4% chance of that happening. on average, it would take around 5-6 thousand gems to get 2 Secret Lifesprings. and i just got 2 for a minor setback.

    Its ya boi who fell asleep during the moon event, forgot it, and is now obbessed with every event. Send help

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    ooh lucky! those are easy and rewarding to make, and not that useful after you tapped out all of the eggs, so I'd love to exchange one of my many bubbled ruins for a fountain! I only get "tier 1 mushrooms for one egg" trades

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    i reiterate one RotST for an optimal 1000 gems, but more likely 5-7000 gems reward. that's imbalanced asF

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceShipRat View Post
    I only get "tier 1 mushrooms for one egg" trades
    Yeah, me too. Never had a request I couldn't do immediately because it never goes higher than level 3...

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    I just got this awesome one:

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