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Thread: Strategy for Valentine Special

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    Question Strategy for Valentine Special

    Hei there,
    im quite new to the game and would like to ask if there is a strategie for the valentines map?
    It seems so huge and i have just 2 dragons and a purple flower at the moment,,,
    Anybody can help?

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    I'm no expert myself but what you can do is check out this page: it says you'll need 4 level 9 orbs to heall it all

    And look at the guide for the last event for inspiration as to how to deal with this one

    I always manage to make a mess of it but am going to concentrate on getting some life flowers to harvest orbs, and then keep merging those orbs.

    I'm sure someone more capable will write a guide for the wikia or forum soon so I'd keep an eye on those if I were you. Good luck!

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    As you move forward you're going to find fruit tree saplings and seeds. Let the seeds grow into saplings as well and make them into level 2 fruit trees, they will start spawning life flowers as well. No higher because your dragon will start harvesting them for fruits instead of concentrating on important things. You can harvest the dead brushes for life flowers too, that way you can slowly build up a decent level flower to work with. In the very beginning you're going to find an other dragon and the two of them can work really quick. I noticed that we always have something you can harvest treats from not far from the beginning of the map and after you heal it your dragons will start harvesting it and it goes really fast after that. This is the second event I got all the rewards in less than 24 hours with not even the third of the map healed... After that I go back and do it just for fun but it's actually not needed to get the rewards.

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