I'm a real newbie, so my apologies if this is obvious to everyone else. I've been playing the game on my android phone, but I just got a new tablet that I'd like to transfer it to. I've been poking around on the forum but unable to find exact answers to my questions.

1st question: Can anyone confirm that the app will work on a 64-bit Android tablet? I know, I could just try downloading it and see what happens. But this way, if I have problems, I can rule out one possible issue.

2nd question: Googling the game gives me conflicting information on whether I can transfer or not. I have enabled the 'cloud save/Facebook connection' in my game, so I assume that's what will let me play on a different/new device? But how does it work exactly?
Once I've downloaded the app to my new device, how do I access my old game? Is signing into the cloud/Facebook all I need to do?
Will all my game levels, perks, saved items, etc transfer?

These transfer questions stem from other games I've played that said you could transfer to a new device, but the reality was, only your level transferred, perks you had built up during play did not. The instructions never warn you about that, so I've learned to be wary.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!