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Thread: Too much of a "good thing".

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    Smile Too much of a "good thing".

    Some of the challenge combinations are just eye-watering. Creation quest: Build a gossamer tree followed by drop dragons on any life tree 300 times. Needless to say but having built a gossamer tree, I don't have that many individual life trees around at the moment. Action quest: tap coin vaults 135 times.

    I'm expecting tapping Prism Flowers x 700 and Watermelons x 500 to appear soon after the above quests have finished.

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    LOL I feel your pain.

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    If you want to spoil yourself to what's to come:
    Happy Merging

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    I often use the "Camp Quests" list to see what might need to be stockpiled against future quests.

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    I do too, since I saw that link, but sometimes it is hard to future proof, especially with the sometimes illogical order of the quests.

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    it's definitely what "might" be needed rather than what "will" be needed. With only 20 or quests of any type to go, it does become simpler to gamble on what might be needed.

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    I have a few more than 20 left, so while I do know that I should try to save level 4 dragons for a camp quest, I might not be able to, if I need to open up more land to heal. Then I have to try not to heal too much land or else I won't have enough left and having to wait oh so very long to build up dragon power for a next quest. But with lifeflower quests etc inbetween the land quests and autoharvesting still happening after you've nearly given yourself rsi from trying to tap out dragons' stamina... Then again every other player has these same things to deal with. Just a matter of time... right?

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