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Thread: Top price of eggs?

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    Default Top price of eggs?

    Just curious. Did anybody manage to find the top price for eggs? Or do they have a top price at all or they just keep increasing by five golds forever? What is your highest cost at the moment? Well, except the Nature Dragon egg because it's 8000 and it's not changing, I bought quite a few of those.

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    2500 per egg is the most. It used to be more. I was up to 3500 for one egg at one point but luckily, it was capped down to 2500 now.
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    2500?? OMG... That's high for sure. Well, still not 8000 as the Nature Dragons.

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    3500 would have been serious "ouch".

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    Oo, 2500 is still a lot, but thankfully not 3500. I have some eggs at over 1000 so was wondering how much worse it can get. Thanks for the info!

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