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Thread: [suggestion] Sell chest of few value without confirmation

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    Default [suggestion] Sell chest of few value without confirmation

    It takes so many times to seel dragon chest ! Why can't we sell them without confirmation

    It will be pleasant to have an option to activate that we don't need to confirm chest at of 11,12,45 etc value !

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    I have the opposite problem. Accidentally selling unlocked chests. Gems gone, no eggs, no chest opened for the quest. And don't get me started on accidentally merging 3 moon kids on the map, while I don't want to merge any dragons less than 5 at a time. Personally, I would prefer more options to toggle on or off in the menu, rather than taking away checks in camp, you would be able to choose your level of security in the menu, such as we have now with the new merging options, which I love. Here's hoping

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