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Thread: Cloud save corrupted and SUPPORT NON EXISTENT

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    Exclamation Cloud save corrupted and SUPPORT NON EXISTENT

    I contacted support the 7th of January. My cloud save was bugged or corrupted, or whatever, and I can't play anymore.
    I had the 30 days shards going. As you said in the forum, I contacted the support.
    In the support page the ticket - detailed with all informations and a screenshot - is still "OPEN". Nobody even bothered about reading it. 22 days now.
    Great game, but no support. If you don't have enough people, hire more! The game is addicting, but as you can read in your facebook page, you are losing more and more players for the complete lack of support.
    I'm greatly disappointed to say the least, the worst support ever. But you took my money without any problem when I made purchases.

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    i can confirm !
    Save probleme here can't use cloud save for 2 months !
    no answer at any of my mails !

    Great game but support is awful

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    Ditto keep losing progress beginning to piss me off.

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