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Thread: whats the deal with this dam game

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    Angry whats the deal with this dam game

    so i have been playing this game for a long time like they had less than 10,000 downloads and with a few updates ago maybe a few months ago the game started crashing and just shutting off when switching from camp to the levels. OK so i update it and it gets better so were good i started spending money i didn't have on gems and stuff so this latest update comes out i jump to update it it does it thing and i go load the new game it goes to full load bar and crashes....i reload same thing.... every time for almost 6 hrs.... WTF.... so i uninstall and reinstall still same thing full load bar and crash..... gggrrr really getting pissed so i email there bullshit "support" like 6 times now no response.... so yesterday i had to do a factory reset on my phone cus something was messed up so i reinstall the game after the restart and go to load it and BOOM it loads up but to new game so i go to load the Facebook/cloud save thing and it does nothing never responds so i hit it a few times and nothing then i exit out of that screen and BOOM game crashes again....FML.... so i reload and guess what its been like 3 weeks and still full load bar and crash again i have emailed the "support" every day for what a month now..... help yall wtf can i do

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    I am having the same problem except when the game comes back all my progress is lost including any gems I purchased. Like you I have been emailing support but get no help -- "under review" is the only communication I have received. I have been emailing Is there another/better support email contact?
    I am ready to delete the game and start a negative campaign against the company. What alternative is there?

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