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    I have no idea where to ask this so I will try here. Is there any plan to remove these or get rid of the time on required boards to progress? I understand having a "boss" type board but with the timer and having to do it X way as well as relying on things to grow from other stuff or blow threw, it becomes fully up to RNG. I can't get past 8 no matter how many guides I use and I am on my 10th attempt. Some ideas I can think of to help would be

    1. Remove the timer but keep the board.
    2. Remove the board and time set them as optional ones and just make the "boss" boards really hard or slow.
    3. Let us put 20-25 gems on it to not complete it but skip it so we can go back if we ever want the dragon.
    4. Like 3 but have them auto passable or a free skip when we hit X number of stars. (Ex- challenge 8 needs 80 stars, 9 needs 90, 1 needs 10, and so on.)

    I hope my ideas can help and we can get any info on them getting a change. Happy merging .

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    I think these would be great ideas. I'm currently stuck also. Have been for weeks. I'm just continuing to play a few certain ones I can beat to stock up on things right now. I hope they food it so we can skip them or save them for later etc.

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