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Thread: What happens if I reset my game?

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    Default What happens if I reset my game?

    If I want to reset my game, do all my gem purchases get reset with the restore purchases? How about the premium land purchase? My lovely little one has decided to take it upon himself to do some things, thinking he was helping....but sadly it messed up some stuff I was doing and cannot be undone now....

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    I don't know about premium land, other purchases will probably be gone. As a tip to everyone, connect to cloud to save a backup, then disconnect, so you control when you connect to save, instead of letting it automatically save to cloud.

    That way, if you make a big mistake or something goes wrong, you can decide to download the cloud version, and replace your current one, losing the progress since your last upload, but it can be worth it if you do something like selling an event dragon by mistake.

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