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Challenge 17:

Remember, the only goal in a challenge is to complete the level in time. nothing else
in this case by merging the statues, and all you need is wood.

1) first, tap all the life flower seeds that are floating around and merge 5 as many as possible
2) merge life flower sprout on the super dead land, tap healing extender, and tap the dragon nest
3) merge the eggs to the ones that are on the dead land
4) assuming you now already have atleast 1 level3 blue life flower. harvest it until 2 purple orbs
5) put one purple orb on the most left square of the level and tap it. it will fly right up
6) put the other purple orb on the most right-down square of the level and tap it. it'll fly to the right
7) meanwhile let you dragon harvest life essence
8) merge some Grass Tuft together so you're dragons can harvest the Lawn grass.
9) merge together 2 Fresh stones on the super dead land close to the beginning of the level. needed so life essence won't be sucked up
10) merge life essence together again ad you have atleast 1 purple orb again.
11) tap in the spot where the Fresh stone was on the super dead land. it'll fly up and open a lot of skull stuff there.
12) dont forget to harvest life essence in the mean time and some Fresh stones
13) create 1 Moss stone (only one because you already have the other one), and merge them with the one on super dead land, middle top of the level.
14) it might already be opened up by the orb but just in case: drag 4 dragon tree saplings to the middle left of the level and merge 5 there
(the one next to the super dead land)
15) create another purple orb and place on the square most top-right spot. so it should be almost next to the eggs on dead land already.
16) in the middle of the level is some super dead land which you can open up with some life flower. do that
17) by this time you have 4 dragon tree saplings again. merge all of them with the one on super dead land in the middle-down of the level (so merge 5)
18) you now also have 5 sprouting dragon tree's, merge them together.
19) make 2 level 3 life orb. delete any stuff that is in the way, except for the dragon tree chain.
20) activate 1 orb exactly in the middle of the level, activate the other one as far to the middle-right as possible
21) you now opened up atleast 5 dragon tree saplings, and there are still around 3 left that we didn't use yet.
22) if it didn't work. there also should be a on dead land. merge in a group of 5, and merge in a group of 3 so you have sprouting dragon tree
23) merge the 3 sprouting dragon tree together and after merge the 3 young dragon tree together
24) you now have the Vermillion dragon tree. the item we need to make the wood bundle
25) let 1 dragon harvest wood from the tree. that is his only job! let the other dragon(s) harvest life essence
26) delete anything that is in the way to make 2 wood bundles (harvest 12 wood: merge 2x5 and 1x3. gives you 5 Stack of elder wood. merge 5 and have 2 bundles)
27) use the life essence that you harvested to open up a path to the bundle of elder wood on super dead land if it isn't open already
28) merge the 2 bundles of elder wood with the one on the super dead land and tap the healing extender
29) merge the statues and done

Challenge 7 will be next
Wow, J_CRISIS_J, this is excellent! I can’t wait to start trying it out. In my experience with using posted guidance, it still takes more than one attempt (usually several for me), but I’m sure I’m on the right track now, given my success with using your guidance before. Wish me luck...