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Thread: account corrupted - help?

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    Default account corrupted - help?

    hi, all so i finished my xmas event on the 24th, my son jumps on his account and completes his event. .. all seems good
    i head back into my account and it is completely all fubar'd, shows my event map cleared and i have 0 progress. I check back in my camp and i have none of the items i collected from the event. Cloud save was on, so i tried to load game on my phone. made things worse. it merged back when i had 500ish dragon power with my current 2400ish power. i am missing everything from all the past events.

    had my son try back on his account and his also is trashed.

    anyway to fix this? or should i just try an email into support

    talk about hours wasted..

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    Hi, try email support. We can't help with issues like this here.
    Happy Merging

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