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Thread: Is it just me or all new designed stuff looks kinda meh?

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    Default Is it just me or all new designed stuff looks kinda meh?

    I think it all started with update 2.0, Kala and Thanksgiving event. Specifically Thanksgiving trees (especially compared to Moon trees) look like a project that had to be done overnight=/ And now new dragons in the preview of Christmas event look exceptionally ugly and that kinda makes me not want to get them=/
    So what do you guys think?

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    I don't know what the Moon trees looked like, but I personally liked the twee-ness (if that is a word) of the gingerbread men and the autumn fruits as it seemed suitable for the holiday and the culture it stems from. Wouldn't have minded to get some of those for camp. I suppose it's all down to personal taste and expectations.

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    The Thanksgiving event tress were ok, same with the ginger bread and fruits, but the earlier levels of the trees could be better. But yes, the new Christmas dragons look UGLY.
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    i'm withholding my judgement on the new dragon until i hear it's name. when it comes to design, i REALLY didnt want a "Christmas all the time" Dragon, and this is a nice Alternative: definately wintery, but not in-your-face Christmas. i will admit that the Lv. 1 looks derpy, though.

    I'm hoping for them to be called "Glacier dragons" or something similar

    Its ya boi who fell asleep during the moon event, forgot it, and is now obbessed with every event. Send help

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    Ice dragon, mine is. All done with the goals, is there any reason to continue the challenge?

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    Some people just like to clear all the land and others use it to get a stone farm but basically, once you have your reward, you're done.
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