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    Default Tips & tricks?

    Hi! I just discovered this forum and I have been enjoying it thus far. I was just looking for any helpful tips or tricks that you guys use! Thanks!

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    Can't comment on recent updates as I am still on an older version(with certain bugs that play to my advantage).

    - Always try to merge 5 instead of 3
    - Focus on 1 merge chain at a time, otherwise the camp gets crowded
    - At first, better to have multiple smaller dragon homes than to have 1 big one
    - Don't spend Dragon Gems unless you absolutely have to and can use them for Mega Dragon Nests(chests)

    Will add more tips soon

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    see: New Player Help and Guides -> tips & tricks. it exists

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    Wow, just saw this! Thank you so much!

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    Thank you! I didn’t know that!

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