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    Default merging dragons

    I just merged a lvl 7 sharp dragon from a nest of eggs. that I received from merging 3 lvl 4 dragons. It says it as dragon power of 181. but I was watching as I merged the eggs and I got nada for dragon power when it popped out. cause I was 50 points away from a new area to open, I am still 50 points away from opening it. and yes, I did just get the new updates. so it isn't that , just before that, I merged 5 lvl 2 dragons into 2 lvl 3 dragons and it only gave me 2 dragon power. are you guys gypting us or what. you look at the dragon chart and it says what we are supposed to get, but what we are getting for merging is different. or as in my lvl 7 dragon nothing at all for dragon power while it says I am supposed to get 181 points of dragon power

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    Lvl 7+ Sharp Dragos are called Sentinel Dragons, not Sharp, this thread also had a weird thing about them:

    So this could be related?
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