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Thread: Challenge 12

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    I’m not exactly sure how to post but hopefully this works. I have been stuck on challenge 12 forever and I cannot figure out how to get passed it. I have no stars in the side, the fallen stars. So I was wondering if anyone knows why this happened or how to fix it

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    So ever since they changed it so there’s levels to these challenges I’ve been stuck on the third one, you have to complete it in 1 min 50 seconds. The puddle doesn’t give a mushroom until there’s 5 seconds left and that’s not enough time to let the hearts pan out and move the statues. I tried releasing the hearts and hoping they go around the super dead land but there isn’t enough. Help?

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    Just keep repeating. I got it on my 5th try. On my 4th it didnít even turn into a mushroom before time was up and the ones before at 5 seconds left. But on the last try I had 20 seconds and made it.

    I agree though that it is very annoying that it takes so much luck and varies so much.

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    You dont need the rain puddle to complete this. Just merge fast what you need to unlock till you have two blue orbs. Then move one over left statue and activate, the second one over right statue and activate. Then merge as you need to unlock access to the last statue, move the unlocked one to it and is done - really fast and easy.

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