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Thread: Game Glitches after level 20 Graphics have Lighting Strikes

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    Default Game Glitches after level 20 Graphics have Lighting Strikes

    Am I the only one?
    I have played the first game, uploaded the most recent version and after levels 20 I can't get the darn thing to stop bringing up the pink screen on the island background
    and graphic distortion like someone is taking a magnet and the grahics seem to have light strikes thru them.
    Sometimes I can't even back out and re go back in to play the game. I have gone into the app and cleared the cache to no avail. Its about time someone fixes this PLEASE its too great of a game.
    Bummed in VA

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    My game is doing the same on my android tablet. The game gets really wonky, out of no where, in camp and the background glitches in and out in a colorful yet highly irritating way. Then when on the levels screen, the background goes hot pink. Resetting doesn't help. Needs to be fixed.

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    What Andorid OS Versions are you guys on and what's your device ?
    Happy Merging

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