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Thread: What are Challenge Levels?

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    Default What are Challenge Levels?

    Ok, I saw some threads here asking for help on Challenge levels. What are Challenge levels and where do you find them? I'm on the latest version of the game playing on IOS. Is this something that was released just for Android?

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    I don’t know either— when I looked for more info, someone mentioned on the Facebook page that the challenge levels are visible on one of their devices but not the other, but didn’t identify the actual gadgets or OS. I haven’t seen them at all, fwiw (iPad).

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    I believe it's only available to a few testers, as Merge Dragon Dev said on reddit:
    "Good find! Just fixed it locally, and you will be able to move those again in most likely the 1.13.0 update. The hit area for the daily chest was larger than it needed to be, and overlapped the bubbles above it.
    For those wondering, we often test risky features on limited sets of players because we want to make sure that they are actually good features. Usually a few thousand players or so. This very post is one example of how it helps -- if we release this feature to everyone, this bug will be fixed by then. (Ideally bugs like this turn up in testing, but the way the loot bubbles appear has plenty of randomness, so this case never appeared for us.) If the feature turns out to be bad (everyone plays less, bad feedback, etc) we don't end up giving it to everyone else. Fortunately, features like this usually work out well."

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    ooh, he made it to Reddit, nice

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