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Thread: Stuck on challenge 8

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    Exclamation Stuck on challenge 8

    I have tried to conquer this level well over a dozen times now. I am merging 5, getting the big flowers as fast as I can, building up the trees, doing what seems to be right - but the angels need 50 healing points. There just isnít enough time to get them healed! Does anyone have some helpful suggestions?

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    I’m stuck here too. I’ve also tried merging 5s in the different corners and keep running out of time. Have any luck yet?

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    No, unfortunately I still haven’t figured this out.
    I’m getting very frustrated with it! I just can’t figure out how to get at least ONE of the 50 point angels healed in time. Love this game, but it’s no fun being stuck in a level for over a week.

    Merge Dragon experts, PLEASE can you help us? ��

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    The level is tricky in the fact all the merging should be done as soon as possible, as curcial merging are seeds, which have a limited time before growing. Do as follows:
    1.take the emerald plains grass from top left and merge it with the other 2
    2. take the life flower seed near it and merge it with the other 2
    3. take the seeds of the prism flower near it and merge it with the others - first star
    4. take the ruby plain grass and merge it with the others
    5. take the mushrooms caps from bottom left and merge it with the others
    6.take the magic mushroom caps from bottom left and merge it with the others
    7. take the dragon tree seeds near it and merge it with the others - second star
    8. take the dragon leaf tree and merge it with the others
    9. take the necromancer grass from top right and merge it with the others
    10. take the bones near it and merge it
    11. take the crimson egg from bottom left and merge it with the others
    12. take the stone egg and merge it with the others
    13. take the grass egg and merge it with the others
    14. take the green egg and merge it with the others
    11. attack the decayed log for elderwood
    12. take the elderwood and merge it with the others
    13. harvest the skull for fruit tree seed
    14. merge the fruit tree seed with the 2 others
    15. merge the life flower sprouts for life flowers
    16. harvest the life flowers and heal the dead land of zombies and dragon tree sapling
    17. merge the dragon tree saplings near the fresh grave
    18. make 2 tiny life orbs for unlocking the gaia status
    19. merge 5 petrified rotten zomblins for making 2 zomblins
    20. attack the zomblins for 2 fresh graves - third star
    21. merge the 3 fresh graves and heal the third gaia status
    22. merge the 3 gaia statuses to finish the level.

    Hope that helped

    edit: oops, it's for grimshire 8, I don't know about the challenges :P

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    Thank you Shaked, this is very specific and I’m sure will be VERY helpful once I reach Grimshire! But I can’t get there unless I can figure out this darn challenge #8.

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    Hi Warriirpeach, I have great news!
    I have finally solved the challenge!!

    1. First lock your screen. There is no time to waste on moving it around.
    2. Merge your eggs as quick as you can.
    3. Take the grass patch from the left and place it in the middle.
    4. The very SECOND that the purple life flower is revealed merge it over at the far left where the other 2 are.
    5. Move the life orbs as the dragons drop them, but don’t merge until you have 5 or 6.
    6. As soon as you have enough, merge them and use the life orb on the 2 angels. Be quick!
    7. Move the 2 healed angels over to the one on the bottom right.
    Merging the trees and other flowers are not necessary, they are a distraction.
    Good luck!

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    For me, there is a luck factor to the challenge due to where the life orbs goes too.
    It took me several tries, but here is how I did without spending gems on more items or time.
    1. Move emerald grass and merge at center, where it will start off a combo chain.
    2. When the combo chain is happening, merge your dragon eggs.
    3. When the final life-flower appears (the purple one), merge it with the other purple life flowers in the left area to get an orange flower.
    4. Move the orange flower and the combo bubbles to the bottom right corner with the lone angel.
    5. Burst those bubbles and spam your dragons onto the orange flowers to get the life orbs, and merge them when you get 5 of them to get 2 purple orbs.
    6a. *This is the luck part, burst the purple life orbs, and they should hopefully go toward the bottom angel.
    6b. *If the first part fail, try again without the purple orbs, depending on how close the angel is to get cleansed
    7. If it gets cleansed, move that angel to the top right corner with the 2 angels to win the game.
    Good luck

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    I'm trying to do the same thing because that's what seems most logical but it's not working. The life orbs' aims are so random, it doesn't matter where I place them they always go different ways to heal all kind of things. Even if I eliminate everything else and just leave the statues the orbs still randomly split up between them.

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    I still don't see any challenge levels in my version. Where are they located? How do you access them?

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    If you don't see them they are probably not there for you yet. Apparently they are rolling it out in stages, I just got them a few days ago while others were already doing them back in October. You don't need to look for them, you'll see them. Just some of the previous levels are now challenges instead of normal levels. Like for example you have Grimshire 1, Grimshire 2, Grimshire 3, and then instead Grimshire 4 you have Challenge 19, then continues with Grimshire 5. Just random numbers here, I didn't load the game to check the correct places. The main point is, you access them like every normal level, from the world map, with certain number of chalices.

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