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Thread: Stuck on challenge 8

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    wrote a guide for this challenge in the 'stuck on..' Thread ^_^

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    Here's a method where you don't have to rush so much. Its probably what the level designer intended for us to do.

    Merge the dragons, the bushes and the life flowers as the others have described. Next, tap the life flower to start creating orbs. While the dragons are harvesting, merge the other stuff on the board. This is so the hearts don't have any where else to go but the statues. Then merge 5 of the orbs you harvested. Don't burst them. Merge three more, then merge those purple orbs into a blue orb. Burst it near the lone statue. It will have over 50 hearts and revive the statue with one orb. You should have plenty of time to do this. I tried the other methods and always lost until I did this and had time to spare.

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