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Thread: Tips & Tricks

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    Playing this level over and over again, together with the diamonds I buy every month (25 diamonds a day) because I want ton support this lovely game, got me: my first Mystery Nest!

    Not all those who wander are lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_CRISIS_J View Post
    short on gems? here's how I get a lot of them easy and for free.

    I found out in the level 'Dread Marsh 3' i'm getting a lot or purple stars.
    This level is really easy and quick to play, I managed to complete the level in 7 seconds so also good to earn stuff if you only have 2 minutes
    out the 7 times you can play the level I'm getting at least 3 purple stars.

    don't tap the purple stars in the level if you get one. instead, complete it and take it to camp. You can merge the purple stars!
    once you have 5 purple stars in camp, merge them and tap.
    merge 5 of the big gems together to get huge purple gems that are worth 15 gems each! and since you merged 5, you get 30 gems every time you do that
    You can still tap each of them stars once to get a small gem, which you can also take back to camp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chitber View Post
    You can still tap each of them stars once to get a small gem, which you can also take back to camp!
    better not, then they'll just take up 2 places in camp. Tap them once in camp only just before you merge them. Yes, they do remember they've been tapped, so you can't tap them in the level AND in camp without a risk of them disappearing.

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    For those like me ... don’t bubble your stone houses if they are full of bricks. When you bring them back they’ll be empty

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