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Thread: Status of Game or Camp loading issues

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    Default Status of Game or Camp loading issues

    Some players have having problems loading the game, or loading camp. We have identified 2 main problems, and here is where we stand on them:

    Problem #1: Game Loading Truncated Files -- Fixed in 1.11.0

    • There was a case where the OS on your phone could take control away from the game when it was saving, which would cause it to only write a partial, corrupted save file. This could happen in any of the save files (there are a bunch -- one for each level, your monsters, data for the shop, data for your currencies, etc).
    • This could manifest itself with the game not loading, a level not loading, or some of your data being messed up.

    In release 1.11.0, we have fixed this problem in 2 ways:
    1. If the game detects that it has been interrupted during a save and thus has a corrupt save file, it will not keep that file. This means that instead of destroying your game, you may lose a bit of progress.
    2. If the game loads a save file successfully, it will then copy that save into a backup location. Next time the game loads, if it has a critical error in the save file, it will then load your backup file instead.

      NOTE that these fixes will most likely and unfortunately not fix problems you already had before downloading 1.11.0, but it should make your future play much less likely to ever see an issue.

    Problem #2: Bad Dragon Data -- Safety Fix Ready for 1.12.0

    • There is a problem where sometimes a dragon may be saved with corrupted data. This can cause Camp not to load, and potentially other issues like rewards not working at the end of levels.
    • We have added protection against this just today thanks to some of your posts and sharing of save files. The protection should go out in 1.12.0, which means that although a dragon may not load, your Camp will continue to be playable.

    Other info about saving:
    • The game saves every time you load a level or exit a level
    • The game also saves every time you suspend the app (shut your phone, switch to a different app, etc)
    • If you are on Android, you can create backups manually:

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    one question, is this
    The game also saves every time you suspend the app (shut your phone, switch to a different app, etc)
    also valid for levels? Say, I could suspend the app halfway through a hard level to make sure it's saved, and if something goes wrong I can re-enter that level as it was when I last paused?

    It's just a minor thing but there are some pretty long levels, and events too, I've been going back to camp to avoid losing event progress, but suspending would be faster (and going back to camp from levels would cost extra chalices to go back in.)

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    Just tried this and yes, you're taken back to the level where you left off.
    Happy Merging

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    My game just screwed up. It still has the last level I played but my camp completely reset.

    To top it off, usually I have to connect 2-3 times to get cloud save to work but this time it decided to automatically cloud save and save my empty camp.

    I just spent the entire halloween event working hard to get the full rewards also.

    What can I do?

    P.S. The in-game "contact support" button is mislabeled. Is just a FAQ, no ability to contact.
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    Over a week and no response. Guess I'm being told to quit the game and not let the door hit me on the way out.

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    Angry Help !!!!

    Hello all,
    after enjoying and paying for this game (on Android ) for two weeks i encountered a bug or fault that is fatal: i cannot start any level because of my chalices are missing (on 0) .
    reinstalling does not work and i cant deleted the game as well. I was almost done with one level when my battery died, that might be the cause of this....
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