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Thread: Stuck on Fjord 11

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    Default Stuck on Fjord 11

    I have tried this about 10 times and can not get past the first 3 moves. Hints please!

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    Default Stuck On Fjord 11

    Hi, can anyone help please I am stuck on Fjord 11. I have been able to merge the five small flowers (top row)then merge the four pink flowers (bottom row) to get the three budded blue/purple flower on the bottom row and have merged that. How do you move on from there I can't seem to find what the next move is. Please can anyone help?

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    Are you doing a merge-5 for a double harvest every time? There's one level-4 flower at the top right; to pull that out, you'll need two more from the level-3 merge-5 at the bottom left.

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    Default Stuck on Fjord 11

    Thanks Siderakat, I missed it on the last one !

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    Unhappy need help with fjord 11

    I am having a difficult time with Fjord level 11. I have reset the level several times and still cannot get past three moves.
    Always end up with one flower to make the match when I need two. Can anyone help me out please?

    Since first posting this plea for help I have had no answer. Is this not what this forum is and information??
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    Is there any walkthrough available for this level? This is the only one I just simply can't get 3 stars on and it really bothers me. I can't get 15 merge-5s, only 13 and I tried it many many times since I finished all the levels we have so far. Every other level has 3 stars except this one and it's driving me nuts.

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    Did you merge life flower sprouts in 5 as well ? You should get a few of those as you merge the grass things. Seems there's no walk-through currently at the wiki yet.
    Happy Merging

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    Yes, I merge everything possible in 5s. There are a few things on the field which you can only merge 3 just because there is no more of them but everything else is merged in fives. Obviously I'm doing something wrong and probably the same thing every time because the result is always the same. 13 instead of 15. But I just can't figure out what am I doing wrong.

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    Fjord 11:

    first to ensure everyone knows what I mean, look at the +'s and -'s as a map of the level.

    1 +---+ 2
    3 +---+ 4
    5 +---+ 6

    1) merge the life flower sprout with the other four on spot 1
    2) merge both life flowers (so merge 5) on spot 6
    3) merge both blue life flowers (so merge 5) on spot 5
    4) merge both glowing life flowers on spot 2 (get first star)
    5) merge tanzanite plains grass on spot 4
    6) merge ruby plain grass on spot 3
    7) merge life flower seed on spot 1
    8) merge both mushroom caps (so merge 5) on spot 6
    9) merge both magic mushroom caps (so merge 5) on spot 5
    10) merge both dragon tree seeds (so merge 10) on spot 2
    11) merge puddles on spot 3
    12) merge both fledgeling puddles (so merge 5) on spot 1
    13) merge 3 dragon tree sapling's (so merge 5) on spot 4
    14) merge both puddles on spot 4
    15) merge both hero mushroom (so merge 5) on spot 6
    16) merge 4 life flower sprout (so merge 5) on spot 6
    17) merge 1 triple shroom on spot 5 (get second star)
    18) merge 1 small life orb on spot 4
    19) merge 1 dragon tree leaf on spot 3
    20) merge sprouting dragon tree's together somewhere on spot 2 and 3
    21) merge 1 young dragon tree on spot 5 (get third star)
    22) merge destroyed Gaia statue's to finish the level

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    Thanks, I'll try to follow this and I'll see what I'm doing wrong on the go. I can't remember the steps I make off the top of my head so I don't know where the difference is, but I'm pretty sure I don't have five dragon trees to merge so there must be something around that merging chain.

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