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Thread: Updates for Android (v1.9.1)

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    Exclamation Updates for Android (v1.9.1)

    Update 1.9.1

    Fix for black Screen issue for Oreo players

    21. September 2017


    Update 1.9.0 is out now! It arrives with NEW LEVELS!
    - Dragonia has just expanded as 10 Brand New Levels have been added to the game.
    - You can now see what the Premium Land looks like in the pop up before you purchase it.
    - Level 5 & 6 fountains are now added and completed Shimmer Fountain chain. Also Level 2 Secret Shimmer Fountain is waiting to be found out now!
    - New Languages added!: Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Dutch.
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    The Android Version is currently a bit behind iOS as the Gram Games version was just released.

    Current Version is 1.6.4, July 14th 2017

    You can download it here: Google Play Store

    If you still have the Mazza Studio version, you will need to download the new one as separate game. To move over your progress, follow this guide: [ANDROID GUIDE]: Move Mazza Studio Version Progress to Gram Game Version

    New Features

    • Dragon Book
    • New Levels
    • Several small changes

    Please be aware that iOS and Android are currently not the same version so please don't use cloud save to mix the two systems. More details can be found here:
    Happy Merging

    Volunteer Moderator. I don't work for Gram Games.
    Please post all game issues in the forums. I can't attend to game questions via PM.

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