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  1. iOS Cloud Save on Android Breaks Game
  2. Game won't load past loading screen
  3. Status of Game or Camp loading issues
  4. Purchasing premium land
  5. Compatability
  6. Game Glitches after level 20 Graphics have Lighting Strikes
  7. Game crashing right after it loads
  8. Diapering tree
  9. Purchased Gem Packs not working
  10. Gems Purchased Not Showing
  11. How do I get my game back after Game crashed?
  12. No response from support
  13. Game paused and can't be unpaused in Levels
  14. Even after New Update
  15. Losing progress & having to redo Alot...repeatedly. Cloud Save working...
  16. New update issues!!
  17. merging dragons
  18. Can't play.
  19. Important -- for support, contact support@gram.gs