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  1. What are the ways I can move objects?
  2. Why can't I move the screen anymore?! Help!
  3. How can I make my dragons sleep faster?
  4. What is "Dragon Power" and how do I get more?
  5. Help! I have too many locked chests!
  6. Help, no dragons in level Shroomia 3
  7. Expand forum?
  8. Help, lost my bricks!
  9. Guide for Merge Dragons
  10. Merge Dragons
  11. Dragon nest vault
  12. Missons and a plant?
  13. How do fountains work?
  14. Monitoring of Forum Categories
  15. Wonders wonders wonders and wonders
  16. Best use of gems?
  17. Current update for Android
  18. How to stop dragons from harvesting?
  19. Daily gem purchase?
  20. [ANDROID GUIDE]: Move Mazza Studio Version Progress to Gram Game Version
  21. A few more questions
  22. Best levels for harvesting coins and rocks?
  23. How Does Merging Dragon Egg Chests Work?
  24. Hi, I'm new here
  25. 2 questions: dragon level effects and getting stuck in gameplay
  26. Does Dragon level raise harvesting chance?
  27. Any way to resume levels without chalice cost?
  28. Does Ground Color Have Any Gameplay effect?
  29. how to exspand
  30. Exponents of merging?
  31. Start a new game?
  32. How do I sell excess items?
  33. Quarry 5, n00bie
  34. time warp / lost progress
  35. New player first island
  36. How to get dark fruit trees in camp?
  37. Shake tree?
  38. Moving stars to camp
  39. New phone
  40. Fallen stars - should I claim during level?
  41. Blue Smoke Meaning?
  42. What do the wonders ruins do?
  43. Egg Chests and Vaults Inquiry
  44. new to the game can not locate the secret places on the map
  45. How to transfer stuff from levels to camp detailed instructions please
  46. stuff disappeared when going to camp
  47. How do I find my username?
  48. How to find more moon chests?
  49. Multiple save games possible?
  50. Gems
  51. Events
  52. Gram version when is the rest of the game going to open
  53. Phone app
  54. Tips & Tricks
  55. Work work on iPads?
  56. What does the 1 on the app icon mean?
  57. When the level is won???
  58. To many treasure chests
  59. Completely Incapacitated! Stop Dragons from Auto Harvesting & Auto Spawning!!!!
  60. Next set up
  61. What does restore purchases do?
  62. Gromblin statue
  63. Help! Dragons disappeared
  64. Ruins of the Sky Palace
  65. Reminder Needed (clouds)
  66. Fallen Star nuance i just noticed
  67. Magic coin in camp
  68. Continue, not initialize
  69. Challenge 8
  70. Merged Old and New
  71. Challenge 16
  72. Lost Dragon power
  73. What happens if I reset my game?
  74. Bricks
  75. How can I hold more coins?
  76. Dragon portals
  77. Need Advice on Finishing Zen Event
  78. Cannot cash in vaults
  79. 1 000 000 magic coins
  80. whats the deal with this dam game
  81. A bug made me lost a dragon
  82. Where to get new fountains?
  83. Challenge 10
  84. How to switch game to a new tablet?
  85. New Update, Same Old Stuff... Crashes